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How to Order

Shopping online with Booghe is simple! If you’ve ever used an online store before, you may already know the full ins and outs – but here’s our quick guide for those visitors and customers who may be making online purchases for the first time.

1. Find What You Want to Buy!

Use our catalogue and search tool to find exactly what you’d like to buy – something for yourself, or a present for a loved one – and simply click ‘add to basket’ once you are happy with your choice. You may add unlimited items to your basket – you will have full control over your final order before you proceed to ‘checkout’.

2. Secure Shopping

Our online store is assured secure and you can therefore use sensitive financial details with us without fear of loss. We update our store constantly to ensure that our customers’ credentials are always protected and that the data that is transferred between you and us travels no further during such transactions. We do not store any customers card details. You can use secure e-wallet methods such as PayPal to make payments too – we advise you do so if you are particularly worried about the safety of your money while shopping online.

3. Checkout

Checking out with us is much like checking out in a physical store. This is where you will be represented with your total order – including the items you’d like to buy and the payment that is expected of you. You may apply any promo codes that you’d like to use, too. We always ensure that you are fully aware of your final purchase and the payment(s) expected of you before you go through to complete checkout.

4. Payment

Once you’re happy with your order, simply enter in your valid payment card details or PayPal account information and click ‘pay’. If you’re using a card, you may be required to enter in a few characters from your bank security credentials to verify that this is a legitimate purchase authorised by you. We do not store any customers card details. This is completely secure and is protected by your bank or card issuer. You may be redirected to PayPal if you are making a payment of that nature.

5. Confirmation

Once everything has gone through and your order has been confirmed, we will advise you of your order total and will email you with any details regarding delivery as soon as your payment has cleared. From here, you’ll then receive any further information about your delivery that you may find useful, such as tracking.

6. Sit Back and Relax!

That’s it – all there is to it! Take note of the delivery information we’ve provided and look forward to receiving your order. If you have any queries or concerns in the meantime, you can always contact our customer support via Live Chat or email us via at your convenience!


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