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Privacy Policy

It’s our intention, as Booghe.co.uk, to make sure that all of our visitors and customers have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience while online with us. It is also essential that we provide a cookie and privacy policy that explains to you the information that we may collect about you during your visit here and what we will do with such information in co-ordinance with our site policies.

Any time you provide information to Booghe.co.uk through email, written correspondence, telephone conversations, SMS messages or person-to-person contact, this policy will apply. We will need to collect and use certain information regarding you and your shopping experiences to be able to improve and safeguard your visits to our site. We therefore recommend that you read and are comfortable with our privacy and cookie terms before shopping with us. These terms are as follows:

1. General Terms

We are legally obliged to ensure that any information we may collect about you or your shopping habits are safeguarded at all times as per UK legislation. Please also bear in mind that our catalogue may also contain links to third party sites and services where external privacy policies may apply – we therefore advise you read such terms upon leaving our site with caution. We therefore cannot accept liability for your use of websites external to Booghe.co.uk, and advise that you do so at your own risk.

2. Information Collected

You will provide certain information to Booghe.co.uk when you sign up for an account or shop with us. This information can include your name, address, contact information such as telephone numbers and email addresses, and may also include your gender and age. We may also collect information on your shopping history and how you use our website. We are also required to collect certain identifying information such as your IP address, which uniquely identifies your PC or device connecting to the internet and accessing our website.

3. Use and Interaction

We partner with Microsoft Clarity and Microsoft Advertising to capture how you use and interact with our website through behavioral metrics, heatmaps, and session replay to improve and market our products/services. Website usage data is captured using first and third-party cookies and other tracking technologies to determine the popularity of products/services and online activity. Additionally, we use this information for site optimisation, fraud/security purposes, and advertising. For more information about how Microsoft collects and uses your data, visit the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

4. How Information May be Used

We advise that we may use the information you provide us with for the following purposes to ensure that we can provide you with an accessible website and services;

For continuing research so that we may learn about improvements that we may need to make.

For administration and contact purposes – so that we may send you relevant communications about your activity, the service you use, or if you request for security credentials to be reset, for example.

We may offer a tailored and relevant experience to you based upon your usage of our site in order to provide recommendations through services such as email newsletters – which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

We may use IP addresses to build data on the locale of our users, or to restrict inappropriate use. We may present you with related advertising on third party websites you may use.

We share information with third parties to perform ad measurement services on your behalf, and that you obtain customer consent for such sharing and use where legally required.

We may disclose such information collected on an anonymous basis – so none of your identifiable information is disclosed – for marketing and development purposes.

Overall, we may use your information to provide you with information about our services and products as you require.

5. Contact with You

On occasion, we may contact you for the following purposes:

For marketing purposes – through personalised mail based upon information you have provided to us, through banner ads on external sites and targeted content. You may decline from receiving such messages via your account.

For service delivery – to verify your account or to help you reset security credentials.

To provide updates on our policies or terms.

To provide invitations to surveys and focus groups.

To provide direct responses to any communications from you to us.

Do not respond to any emails or other correspondence requesting for personal data or security credentials – as these will never be sent from Booghe.co.uk

6. Sharing of Data

We will endeavour to keep your personal information completely secure as per UK law and will only share data with third party sites for advertising purposes, or when you have requested for us to do so. We may need to share data with third parties on an anonymous basis for data analysis.

7. Your Agreements

In line with our terms and conditions, you agree not to send any harmful content or engage in any behaviour deemed to be disruptive via our website or social media. Doing so may require our need to use your information to prevent you from taking such action in future. In some circumstances, we may need to use your personal data to contact relevant authorities, employers or schools to advise on such behaviour you have exhibited. You must also ensure that, if you are under the age of 18, that you have the permission of a parent or guardian to offer information to us.

8. Control of Your Data

We will keep your information on our systems for as long as it is necessary to provide you with a service. We are required by law to retain certain information about your use of our site and purchase of our products, meaning that you cannot delete your account and data – though you will be able to deactivate it to ensure that it can no longer be used.

If you would like to know which information is held by Booghe.co.uk, we will require you to make a request in writing with two pieces of identification. This is an information request, and, should you wish for us to, we may be able to delete certain data we hold about you on file.

We will need you to provide two copies of the following in your information request:

Drivers’ Licence
Birth Certificate
Bank Statement
Utility Bill (no older than three months for either)

9. Cookies

Cookies are used by websites as a small identifier to ensure that they can track how traffic is performing at certain times. Cookies can record data regarding your visits to our site and can help to tailor your future experiences with us. You may change your settings regarding cookies at any time – though they are particularly useful for tailoring your repeat visiting experience. We use them to understand how visitors use our site – and to help make things more personalised for you.

Your browser may also provide our website with information such as your IP Address and how you are browsing the internet (e.g. with Mozilla Firefox). You may block or reject cookies at any time using your browser settings, though please be aware this may limit your site experience. It is also worth bearing in mind that third party content, including embedded media, may also install cookies, and may track your use of our site. Please ensure you read relevant respective cookie policies of other websites if this is of concern.

10. More Information

We may make changes to our Privacy and Cookies policy at any time, and we will endeavour to inform you when such changes are made. We must advise that you cease using Booghe.co.uk if you do not agree with any changes made.

You may contact us further via post if you have any questions regarding this policy at the following address:

Booghe Toys Limited, Hastingwood Industrial Park, Wood Lane, Erdington, Birmingham B24 9QR UK

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